Eric Beck, Store Manager

Eric Beck, like many masked wrestlers, is from parts unknown. Most scientists believe he was created from the last Mount Saint Helens eruption from the fiery bowels of the earth. He is most noted for being 8 feet tall and having his Big Blue Ox companion by his side. When not stopping tsunamis, tidal waves, and hurricanes by his mear happy thoughts, or helping Chuck Norris accomplish goals, he serves as the store manager for Rental Works.

He also likes to hunt, fish, and play golf. His wife, 3 children and 2 grandchildren are proud to be in his orbit.

Eric Beck was born and raised in the Danville, VA area. He came to Rental works with 18 years of experience in the construction field. Eric has a wife, 3 children, and 2 grandchildren.

Michelle Schobert, Party Rental Specialist

Michelle Schobert is the heartbeat of Party Makers! Currently residing in Trinity, NC with her husband and 2 daughters, Michelle loves to create the perfect atmosphere for events. On her off time Michelle loves to shop, and exercise her creativity by crafting.

Hailing originally from Steubenville, OH, Michelle Schobert loves to call North Carolina home. Like thousands of other Steubenville residents who have been leaving the town since 1930, Michelle relocated to find that inspiration, joy, and a livelihood reside elsewhere. Michelle has 1 strapping husband, 2 beautiful daughters, 1 dog, 3 cats who she refers to as "snuggle friends", and a hedgehog who unfortunately is not named "Sonic". Michelle oozes with creativity and party savvy and will make sure that you are the life of your event. On her off time she loves to shop, shop for others, help others shop, and widdle baskets out of straw and yarn using tools that she likes to call "widdle sticks".

Craig Philips, Mechanical Technician

Craig Phillips keeps the business running by keeping equipment running. A mechanic who knows his way around any machine, Craig is an invaluable part of the Rental Works team. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter, hunting, fishing, and being an American!

Craig Phillips enjoys exercising his right to bare wearing sleeveless cutoff shirts, "jorts" and shooting baby deer that prance across the meadow. When he's not fixing bobcats, he's killin' em. When he's not fixing genies...he's making wishes about prancing on the Maui beach in a speedo with his beautiful wife and daughter. Craig is a salt of the earth kind of guy with a heart of pure gold and titanium alloy mix.

Kenny Roberts, Rental Coordinator / Customer Service

Kenny Roberts is originally from Cleveland, OH but relocated to the great state of NC to attend A&T where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management. Kenny enjoys videography, serving at his church, and going on walks with his beautiful wife.

With a thriving portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, Rental Works looks to this guy for diversification. Born in the heart of the city, raised in the heart of the suburbs, and living in the heart of all of his customers, Kenny is a beloved part of the Rental Works Team. When asked by McGraw-Hill to include his story in modern text books, he humbly declined. However he did accept the offer by Dos-Equis to pattern commercials about the most interesting man in the world based off of his life and exploits. Little known fact, the popular phrase "Stay Thirsty" is a misquote of Kenny's as he woefully called to his true love "Thursday" to not sail away on the Titanic. Needless to say, he never saw her again after that trip. Residing in Greensboro with his beautiful wife Margaret, Kenny's legend lives on in the hearts of all.

Rob Mayes, Rental Coordinator / Customer Service

Rob Mayes transplanted to Rental Works in 2014 from the depths of Middle Earth. In tow he brought his bride and faithful wolf-dog who was born and bred in Rivendell. In his quest to find himself he stumbled upon the land of big boy toys, aka Rental Works, and decided to trade in TPS reports and financial planning for boom lifts, track loaders, and earth moving excavators. When Rob is not at Rental Works, he can be found on his back porch caring for his 162lb egg, feeding it a healthy diet of steak, chicken, and pork.

Daniel Green, Rental Coordinator / Customer Service

Daniel Green was born and raised in Greensboro. When not at work, he loves to spend time with his wife Stacey and daughter Lily.   Daniel is a big fan of the Boston Bruins and New England Patriots and loves to talk sports with customers unless his team just lost.

Informally known as "The Ginger Knight" in most 3rd world countries, Daniel Green is far from a foreigner. Though the blood of the Irish boldly sashay's through Daniel's green veins, he is all North Carolinian! He has been mentioned in several 19th century Irish legends which turn out to be all true though he was only born in 1985. When he isn't teaching his 1 year old daughter to hunt with a bow & arrow, he loves the challenge of arm wrestling convicts, helping firemen rescue kittens from trees without a ladder and pogo sticking. He currently lives in the metropolitan suburb of Jamestown with his wife Stacey who is a retired ex-spy turned shepherdess.

Musa Osman, Rental Support Staff

Musa Osman and his beautiful family hail from the State of Eritrea, a country in the Horn of Africa. The only man to be given the "Man of the Century" Award, Musa is well know throughout the world for being able to do pretty much anything. The most famous of his recorded exploits include single-handedly getting the American Crocodile, the Aleutian Canada Goose, and the Black-Footed Ferret taken off of the endangered list, sucessfully doing open heart surgery in space, and being the first and only person to successfully time travel. Musa amazes all who cross his path. He has a standing record in the Guiness Book of World Records as the holder of the most records in the world. It has been a pretty well kept secret that most records in the book are actually second place records, being as how Musa has shattered them in a manner that they cannot be re-broken by modern man. A legend in his own right or anyone else's, Musa Osman ladies and gentlemen.

Jimmy Sackel, Rental Coordinator / Customer Service

Jimmy Sackel has overcame a rare eating disorder called Milkboneophagia to become well known and revered in professional golf circles. Jimmy lays claim to being the first person to yell "You da man!!!" at golf tournaments. He has also authored four New York Times best sellers in golf instruction titled,  Aim Left Stupid,   You Should Take Up Bowling.....Seriously, Mastering the Foot Wedge and his latest  How To Spot Your Ball Into Gimme Range. Jimmy freely gives golfing tips and is on the speed dial for many up and coming professional golfers on the Guatemalan PGA.
James Sackel has worked in sports marketing for the past 7 years, including a stretch of "custom fitting" golfers. He plans to bring the simple approach, "Treat each customer well,"  to Rental Works. He and his wife Stephanie have two small children. 

Sai Tun Tun, Rental Support Staff

William Duke, Owner